Hello Friend!

I am a home schooled Christian teenage artist and writer, so you probably can already tell I am not your average girl.  I respond to Daughter of the King, but some also call me Rebekah.  I grew up in Narnia, whilst studying under Henty, and currently live in Michigan, hoping that Gandolf brings me to Middle Earth on my fiftieth birthday.  I am an expert procrastinator, easily distractable, slightly sarcastic, a major introvert, and a recovering perfectionist.  I love taking lessons from God’s creation and imitating it, through drawing, painting, photography, writing, or music.   When I am not involved in the previous activities, you can find me reading (with chocolate), messing around with my siblings, or daydreaming about unicorns, dragons, and other so-called “mythical” creatures (I’m sure they exist!).

This blog is a collective of thoughts on life, poems and short stories that I have written for practice, for your enjoyment, and for God’s glory.